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Magic of Life | Motherhood | Fertility | Pregnancy

A set of 9 drawings about the magic of life: the secret life of the baby inside the womb, from fertilisation day till the day of birth.

The drawings depict the most important morphological changes that happen to the baby. Made with love for those who would like to connect with their baby and also admire the wonders of the female body.

The set contains nine prints of the embryo/fetus:
- Day 1 (the moment of fertilisation)
- Week 4 (head and tail form)
- Week 5 (growing placenta)
- Week 6 (rhythmical heartbeats)
- Week 9 (inside the womb)
- Week 12 (it's really a HUMAN!)
- Week 16 (inside the mom's body)
- Week 23 (premature but survives if born)
- Week 40 (during vaginal birth)